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13"W x 22.5"D, John Deere Yellow 12-Hole Implement

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    Condition Notes
    Condition B
    Stock No. T011330RIM
    Model/Style Implement
    Rim Design
    Rim Diameter 22.5"
    Rim Width 13"
    Paint Color John Deere Yellow
    Weight Holes No
    Flange Reinforcement No
    Valve Guard No
    Valve Hole Location
    Weight 100.0
    Diameter 25.0
    Width 14.5
    Disc Thickness 0.5
    Wheel Offset 0.0
    Rim Backside 0.0
    Rim Frontside 0.0
    Rim Inside Diameter 0.0
    Drop Center Width
    Casting Diameter 0.0
    Rim Material Thickness 0.0
    Valve Hole Diameter
    Bolt Hole Quantity 12
    Bolt Circle Diameter 16.732
    Bolt Hole Size 16MM(5/8") Stud
    Actual Bolt Hole Size 0.688
    Pilot Hole 14.517
    Bolt Countersink
    BtB Measurement 0.0
    Lugs/Rails Quantity
    Outside Bolt Hole Quantity 0
    Outside Bolt Circle Diameter 0.0
    Outside Bolt Hole Size
    Outside Actual Bolt Hole Size 0.0
    Outside Bolt Countersink
    Outside BtB Measurement 0.0
    Max Weight 0.0
    Rim Rating

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